About Us

Where it All Began

Designer Mail was founded by Nicola in 2016. After completing her Computer Forensics degree at Liverpool John Moores University, Nicola worked alongside EasyWebsiteUK creating high-quality, responsive websites. At EasyWebsiteUK, we were occasionally asked to create email templates for our clients. Often, once the email templates had been crafted and given to the client, the client didn’t know what to do. We would help the client as much as possible however they regularly had their email delivered to spam folders (getting themselves blacklisted), or they just didn’t have the time / knowledge to send their emails effectively. The concept of a fully managed email service was born.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our service is fully managed
  • We have experience designing amazing emails
  • We know the best techniques to avoid your email going into Spam
  • We're cheaper than employing someone in-house


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